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I think there’s some things you can continuously go back to and it may be a good thing. especially when loved is involved. I truly believe tha saying “if it’s broken fix it, don’t throw it away” why throw away a good thing? tha bad things, absolutely! throw em in a trash bag, duct tape tha shit shut and stuff it in a tiny box then throw that box in tha dumpster. cause shit belongs in tha dumpster. but tha good things should always stay. they may get a little dusty, but dust em off. and boom they’re back to how you want them. everything has wear and tear but wear and tear means stories..memories. and who doesn’t love those?

I think if you love someone you should give them all you got. push your body, heart, mind to it’s limits. it’s worth it. there will always be hurdles, gotta duck and roll, duck and roll. you can make it. people are making it every single day, so why can’t you? people give up everyday, don’t be one of those people’s. tha outcome you get from succeeding is worth all and more.

if you love someone, tell them everyday. every second, every chance you can get! if you love them don’t push them away, pull them closer. show them your feelings, be as open as possible. never hold back when all you want to do is scream how much you adore them. be tha light at tha end of somebody’s tunnel, show them tha way. help them, encourage them, satisfy them..

don’t give up just cos there’s a rough patch. don’t give up if you aren’t talking right now, don’t give up. if you love somebody never give up. cause in tha end, you’ll be tha only one regretting it.

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My body aches for you


But not in a sexual way. It’s more of a ‘I want to feel you pulling me into a hug’ kind of way. Or the feel of your thumb as it traces my hand. Or just the way you look at me. I ache for all of you. Not just one part.

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I want to study your curves with my tongue

i just wanna hold you. tell you I love you. pick you up and squeeze you. lean over and feel your lips. twirl your hair around my finger. make a kissy noise til you kiss me. tickle your feet. squeeze your thighs. smack your ass. hold your waist. rub tha soft skin on tha back of your hand against my face. write I love you with my fingertips into your skin.

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